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  • Milnor
  • Jensen
  • Lapauw
  • Many others used or new on request
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We renovate and enhance with latest technology Milnor, Lapauw and Jensen machinery

  • New and unused pneumatic valves
  • Automation : reprogramming, new display devices, adding tactile screens
  • Electronic components : new electric cabinet, wires, automation
  • New and unused engines
  • Less noise, flexible and supple, increased performances
  • Custom built shuttles

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Supervisory control

We are currently developping our new supervisory control software.

  • Management information system
  • Statistics monitoring
  • Counting water flow
  • Follow live statistics on Internet with private access

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Renovated machinery examples

Jensen modumatic

Jensen modumatic
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Milnor 90kgs

Milnor 90kgs
Washer 2 pockets
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Carpet rolling machine

Carpet rolling machine
OTDI Custom Built
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